Andrzej Kesling
Chief Executive Officer

Andrzej has 30 years of international business experience in managing Companies in insurance, debt collection and compensation business.

Prior to joining TPAC, Andrzej had been the CEO of ECPP one of the largest private companies within the sector in Poland, he held also other senior positions in numerous other companies like ABT (debt collection) or the Polish Chamber of Compensation.

Andrzej created and managed complex sales structures, he also implemented training systems for SME’s in Poland, Russia, Romania, Bulgaria and Belarus, which supported the development of local and internationals corporations in mentioned countries.

Andrzej has an extensive knowledge in commercial law as well as in developing and managing businesses. He has also a wide range of business contacts in Poland and across CEE from which TPAC and its Clients can both benefit.

Pawel Gajewicz
Partner Corporate Banking

Pawel within TPAC is responsible for conducting relations with financial institutions and international business development.

Pawel has over 20 years of experience in managing Corporate and Investment Banking business, arranging debt financing for large and mid-cap corporates for Clients on behalf of international banks in Poland. Pawel has also an extensive experience in financing foreign trade, solutions securing enterprises against exchange rate risk and price fluctuations on commodity markets.

Prior to joining TPAC Pawel worked among others for ING and Société Générale in Corporate and Investment Banking Departments where he held Director positions.

Pawel has executed debt transactions exceeding USD 10 Billion in structured lending including DCM, syndication and corporate lending for wide range of sectors: energy, oil, telecom, manufacturing and industrial.

Tomasz Swiech
Partner Risk & Banking

Tomasz has almost 30 years of business experience in corporate banking and consulting in credit risk management and project finance. Tomasz holds a M.Sc. degree in Finance and Statistics from Warsaw School of Economics (SGH).

Before joining TPAC, Tomasz worked in the banking sector for ING, Rabobank, Westdeutsche-Landesbank and Raiffeisen, where he was responsible for credit risk assessment of large institutional clients from real estate, agricultural, commercial, fuel and energy, telecommunications, and financial sector. In recent years, Tomasz has provided consulting and advisory services in structuring transactions and obtaining financing for real estate companies.

During his career Tomasz has approved in total credit limits exceeding USD 5 billion.

Lukasz W. Jaroszek
Partner TPAC Africa

Lukasz is responsible for leading TPAC’s operations in Sub-Saharan Africa and for developing international business.

He has over 20 years of experience in managing and holding Senior managerial positions in SME and Mid-Caps in Europe and Africa. Łukasz is graduate from UTH (University of Technology and Economics) in Poland and CLSBE (Católica Lisbon School of Business & Economics) in Portugal.

Lukasz is specialized in strategic project management, marketing communication and leadership coaching. He has a proven track record of project realization in construction, mining, manufacturing Companies worth USD 700 million.

Gaëtan Ng Chiu Hing Ning
Partner TPAC Africa & Islands

Gaëtan joined TPAC as an experienced international consultant providing advisory services in Sub-Saharan Africa and the Indian Ocean Islands. Based in Mauritius and Eswatini, Gaëtan is an entrepreneur with over 35 years of international business experience. He is currently Chairman and CEO of NingGroup which regroups businesses operating in Mauritius, Eswatini, and Mozambique in hospitality, fast food, and real estate sectors.

He started his career in historic landmark, The Tavern Hotel in Eswatini of which he became co-owner in 1986, same year he founded NingGroup. In 1996 he obtained the master license under South Africa Famous Brands for several countries, and formed Island Famous Brands in Mauritius. In 2006 he became CEO of BP Fuel Crop Eswatini, he formed strategic international business alliances and developed a protocol for producing bio-fuel energy crop. Gaëtan has also worked with publicly listed companies such as Helius Energy in the UK and Famous Brands and The Spur Group in South Africa.

Grzegorz Drozdowski
Partner Legal Head

At TPAC Grzegorz is in charge of Legal advisory of the Company and its Clients.

Grzegorz has over 20 years of experience in providing legal services to business entities. In the past, he worked for Polish law firms such as VIG Legal Office and Kuczek-Maruta company. Grzegorz held also the position of Head of the Legal Department for the global courier Company DHL in Poland.

Since 2004. Grzegorz has run his own law firm moreover, he has been also a member of Supervisory Board in joint-stock companies specializing in pharmaceuticals, industrial manufacturing, investment consulting, advertising services and IT services.

Grzegorz specializes in legal services within the broadly understood real estate trade, construction investments, forming and operating of commercial companies. He participated as legal advisor in a number of real estate acquisitions, sale and lease transactions, he handled legal construction and real estate commercialization processes. He has extensive experience in creating, transforming and servicing investments of stock-listed companies.